Herbalism is about finding a way that is congruent and relevant to both our body, and to the plants we choose to take into our bodies, reclaiming a knowledge that has always been ours.

The use of plant allies has been a part of our lives since time immemorial.

One Day Workshop
Herbalism from the kitchen table

Herbalism; the use of plants to heal our body and soul is our birthright and has been part of the lives of our ancestors for millennia. Their connection with the plant realm and the cycles of life informed every aspect of their lives.

Part of recovering this treasure chest of knowledge is entering a way of looking at the world. Animism highlights the relationships with other-than-human beings of our planet, in this case, the plant beings.

I invite you to visit my garden. I will introduce you to my friends, the plants that grow there; to spend time with them, to listen with the ears of your heart, to their whispers of light.

In this one day workshop, we spend time meeting the plant allies as they are alive and grow in the garden. We do an inner journey to the sound of a beating drum, to enter into communication with a particular plant that calls you in.

I can then show you how to make a tincture, a syrup, a vinegar. All things you can do from your own kitchen table, to make remedies for every day use.

My approach is both relational and practical.